Simplify your compliance management

Many organisations must meet stringent compliance requirements like Essential Eight, SACSF, or ISO 27001. Managing these obligations is crucial but often challenging and onerous.

Adhering to these frameworks involves meeting specific criteria, continuous monitoring, and thorough documentation. Compliance data is often manually collated, complicating management and audits.

A streamlined compliance management solution simplifies processes, centralises data, and provides real-time insights, ensuring organisations remain compliant and audit ready.

Our solution

3na Compliance Hub offers a comprehensive platform for monitoring and managing your compliance status, including:

  • Clear Reporting. Dashboards provide clear, real-time visibility of compliance status for stakeholders and regulatory bodies.
  • Audit Readiness. Consolidate compliance data and supporting evidence in one place for a continuous state of audit readiness.
  • Improved Accountability: Assign ownership of compliance criteria, with a full audit trail of changes.

Let’s work together

Eliminate uncertainty and gain complete confidence in your compliance status with 3na Compliance Hub. Ensure you are always audit-ready with supporting evidence readily accessible, streamlining your compliance management and giving you peace of mind.

3na Compliance Hub case studies

3na Compliance Hub for Essential Eight

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