The challenge

A State Government healthcare organisation was struggling to produce routine and ad-hoc reports due to the inconsistent and error-prone nature of the data collected across many clinics. Much of this data was manually entered, leading to errors and inconsistencies that required significant manual effort to correct. Many reports were created manually in Excel, which was slow and error-prone, further exacerbating the problem.

The solution

3na worked closely with the organisation to review current practices and assess the intended future state. We worked together to develop automated methods for improving data quality and migrated more than 20 reports and dashboards to Tableau. We worked with stakeholders to find a solution that met their data handling requirements, including for sensitive data. 

In addition, we also conducted a data governance review to identify areas for improvement in data quality, accuracy, and consistency. Based on the review, we recommended ways to improve data governance, including implementing data validation and verification processes, establishing data quality metrics, and enhancing training and documentation for data handling. 

The outcome

Through collaboration with 3na, the organisation has streamlined their reporting processes and significantly improved their data quality and governance. Legacy report issues were identified and addressed during the migration to Tableau, resulting in more accurate and consistent reporting. 

As a result, the organisation now has a scalable reporting platform with improved automation, data quality, and governance. Staff are now able to allocate more time to higher value activities and decision-making, rather than spending time on manual report generation and data correction.

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