The challenge

Historically, measuring performance at a mine was done via physical “performance boards” that displayed key metrics such as production rates, safety incidents, and equipment uptime. Over time, some of these performance boards have been migrated to Excel or other reporting tools, while some have remained as physical boards. This presents challenges ensuring everyone has access to accurate and up-to-date information.

The solution

To improve the efficiency and accuracy of performance measurement, 3na worked with the organisation to design and develop data-driven digital performance board templates. These templates integrate data from a range of sources, including data virtualization platforms such as Denodo and Snowflake, and display key metrics in an easily digestible format using Microsoft Power BI.

The outcome

3na has implemented more than 20 digital performance boards, significantly improving the efficiency and accuracy of performance measurement at the organisation. 

 These boards provide teams with accurate and timely insights to inform decision-making and optimise operations, while also reducing manual data handling enabling staff to focus on higher value activities. 

 3na provided training to staff on how to maintain and develop new performance boards, empowering them to become self-sufficient and enabling the solution to scale with the organisation as it grows. 

Two people in white hard hat analyze data with a computer.
Engineer control room with many computers and data.

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