Healthcare environments are complex and highly specialised, with no room for error. Solutions need to be robust, durable, flexible, and always available - because healthcare never sleeps.

Data is fundamentally changing the way healthcare is designed and delivered, with analytics supporting the decision making process to provide significant improvements to patient outcomes. While the use of data brings new advances in patient care it also brings new challenges, and properly managing the unique cyber security requirements of health data is paramount.

We understand that working in health is challenging and we believe that technology should support you, never get in your way. We understand that minimising disruption to patients and clinicians is essential to successfully delivering digital solutions in healthcare environments. At its core, healthcare is about people and patient care always comes first.

Our credentials

3na were born from the healthcare industry and have been supporting healthcare professionals since our inception. We can provide short, strategic engagements through to complete project delivery, and can be engaged directly or through panels including eProjects, eProjects Plus, Low Risk ICT Projects and Digital Marketplace.

Examples of our work include:

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At 3na we believe in using digital technology to deliver better outcomes for patients and clinicians. Contact us to talk about how we can help.