Our story

Not so long ago, Adrian, Jason and Shane wound up on a high-stakes ICT project together. It was very resistant to delivery, so really satisfying when we did.

We were a tight-knit team faced with challenging but rewarding work. It made it possible to deliver against the tide. It made it easy to go to work in the morning. Experience told us that’s rarer than it should be.

So the three of us set out to bottle it, to create the company that we wanted to work for. That company is called 3na.

It is an embodiment of our people-first philosophy, of rising to a challenge in a healthy and sustainable way, of finding the way to still have fun.

Today, there’s many more than Adrian, Jason and Shane working for 3na. It’s overwhelming how many like-minded people there are, and humbling when they join the 3na team.

Our people are working in and alongside our clients all over Adelaide, helping land their ICT projects.