Report Migration20210622165229

Report Migration

3na provided data engineering services to rework and migrate reports from a legacy system to a new International Student Management System based on Salesforce.

This activity provided opportunities to revise business logic and improve reports, where appropriate, while establishing the foundations for data visualisation initiatives in the future.

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SharePoint Automation20210622162828

SharePoint Automation

3na developed a Microsoft Power Automate solution to create hundreds SharePoint folders with custom permissions.

The solution validates users and provides on-demand reports on SharePoint usage, saving the organisation hours of manual work.

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Implant Billing Solution20210621174324

Implant Billing Solution

3na managed the development of an Implant Billing Solution for the Royal Adelaide Hospital, replacing a paper-based process for tracking the use of implants and consumables to recover costs from insurers and other agencies.

The new system was integrated with external data sources for current pricing and item codes, and the patient administration system for billing, and is saving the RAH an estimated $4m – $8m per year in previously unclaimed costs.


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