Enterprise Data Platform for SA Health20210713112655

Enterprise Data Platform for SA Health

3na managed a project for SA Health to establish the foundations of an enterprise data platform for public and private health practices.

This project will build a fully integrated, curated, open data architecture that enables stakeholders to access data from across the organisation and develop and share new insight that support a broad array of requirements, stretching from intelligent design support at the point of care, through to population and epidemiological surveillance.

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Configuration Analysis for SA Health20210621175446

Configuration Analysis for SA Health

3na led the analysis of more than 200 individual systems and applications used throughout the old RAH, and identified modifications required for them to function correctly in the new RAH.

We worked with various groups to source the information required, including ward identifiers, phone numbers, and interfaces with new systems, then worked with system owners to make the changes required within the timelines needed to transition to the new site.


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Implant Billing Solution for SA Health20210621174324

Implant Billing Solution for SA Health

3na managed the development of an Implant Billing Solution for the Royal Adelaide Hospital, replacing a paper-based process for tracking the use of implants and consumables to recover costs from insurers and other agencies.

The new system was integrated with external data sources for current pricing and item codes, and the patient administration system for billing, and is saving the RAH an estimated $4m – $8m per year in previously unclaimed costs.


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Surgical Instrument Tracking System for Royal Adelaide Hospital20210621173848

Surgical Instrument Tracking System for Royal Adelaide Hospital

Our team led a project to uplift the Royal Adelaide Hospital from a paper-based system to one of the most advanced surgical instrument tracking systems in the world.

We worked closely with SA Health and the RAH Central Sterile Services Department to understand their requirements, map workflows, identify dependencies, and implement an electronic asset management system built on Getinge’s T-DOC solution.

The project delivered one of the most advanced day-one activations of T-DOC ever achieved, with the team receiving letters of commendation from the RAH’s Nursing Director and Getinge Australia.