Risk Assessment

3na provide risk assessment and risk management services using our purpose built risk assessment platform.


Our cloud-based platform supports ISO 31000 compliant risk assessments and ongoing monitoring and management activities. We support assessing, monitoring and managing risks at all levels including business risks, cyber risks and project risks.


Capture and assess risks in accordance with ISO 31000

Cloud-based platform enables access via browser or mobile app

Customise workflows to support assessment stages including Pre-Assessment, Review and Approval

Add attachments and links to provide supporting information

Customise role-based access controls to enable different levels of access, such as Assessor, Reviewer and Read Only

Collaborate using inbuilt commenting system

Change history captures who changed what when

Link risks and controls to gain visibility into dependencies

Create and assign tasks to track actions

Assign owners to risks, controls and actions

Customisable dashboards provide summaries of risk position, control status and open actions

Get optional email notifications when changes are made

Categorise and tag risks and controls for searching, filtering and sorting

Set and track review dates

...and more!